Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dave Eggers: The Circle

Title: "The Circle"

Date: 01/14

Author: Dave Eggers

Duration: 13 hrs and 42 mins

Review: Until this book, I have really liked all of Dave Eggers' books.  This one, made an impact on me, but I just wanted to be angry at the book all the time. The ideas about privacy and social media were interesting, but in this book they were made more flat and simplistic by a context in which the society seems to have never considered privacy issues before.  Also, the characters that inhabit the tech company which is the setting of the story seem to want more of what Copeland's "Microserfs" did really well.

On the other hand: (from Interview of Dave Eggers by Tasha Robinson  Feb 23, 2005 on A.V. Club

"What deserves that kind of bile that people throw out? Sometimes they throw it out at literary fiction, which is like dressing up in full body armor to go attack an ice-cream cone. I mean, just take it easy. [Laughs.] Back up, take a breath—it's a novel, you know what I mean?"